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Healthcare Professionals

Alison Burrison is a personal injury lawyer who resonates with clients and families and has the innate ability to make her clients know that she cares and will do the best she can for them. Alison is compassionate, diligent, committed, client/family focused, transparent, has integrity, tenacious to get the best results and an exemplary team player. She respects the regulated healthcare professionals / rehabilitation professionals and specialists and works closely with them for the benefit of the client. Working with Alison for over 8 years, and in my role, I have witnessed her compassion and communication with the clients and their families and ensuring her work ethic and dedication gets the best outcome. Alison is professional, calm, responsive to client and rehab needs, listens and works extremely well with the pediatric, adolescent as well as the adult population.  Over and above her work as a lawyer, Alison also finds the time to write articles, do presentations, give back to the community, do research and looking at innovative ways to improve her own skills to further assist and support her clients. Alison is highly recommended as a personal injury lawyer.
As an Occupational Therapist who has worked with several lawyers on complicated paediatric personal injury files for more than 25 years, it is refreshing to associate, collaborate and work with someone who is so personable, open-minded and values the knowledge, skill and experience of another professional. Alison is able to clearly articulate why she may want to approach something from a particular viewpoint and educates you in the process. I have learned much from working with her. In turn, she also appreciates the viewpoint of someone else and is willing to listen to and perhaps incorporate this into her work. Alison works tirelessly for the needs and best interest of her clients. Her appreciation of paediatric development and the impact of an injury on a child’s long-term outcome is well understood and adds to her ability to work towards the most beneficial outcomes for her clients. It has been my extreme pleasure to work with Alison Burrison.
Alison Burrison is easily one of the best personal injury lawyers with whom I have had the pleasure of working over the past 20 years. In addition to being very well versed in legislation and case law, her years of experience, strong advocacy skills, and interpersonal communication skills make her a relentless champion for the rights of her clients and a lawyer to whom clients can easily relate. Without question, Alison is one of a handful of GTA lawyers that I fully trust and would recommend with full confidence and without a moment's hesitation.