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15 Fireworks Safety Tips for Canada Day

Whether it’s Canada Day or just celebrating being outdoors, fireworks are a part of summer fun for many. However, fireworks do come with an assortment of risks, so here are some tips to help keep you and your family safe:

  1. Know and follow your local laws regarding the use of fireworks.
  2. Read and follow all fireworks instructions.
  3. Don’t use fireworks in the wind (if it’s only a very light wind then make sure it’s blowing away from anyone watching).
  4. Find a large, clear outdoor site to launch fireworks from and be sure there is nothing flammable nearby.
  5. Have lots of water on hand (ideally a hose), including a bucket of water to submerge used fireworks, sparklers, and other related materials in (as they can stay hot for a while).
  6. One person (or only one person at a time if you’re lighting lots) should be in charge of lighting fireworks for maximum safety – all others should be safely back from the launch zone.
  7. Keep hair, clothes, and anything else flammable away from any sources of fire (and safety glasses and gloves are a good idea if you’re lighting fireworks).
  8. Always light a fuse at its tip (and use a long lighter to be extra safe).
  9. Don’t smoke around fireworks (in case of accidental ignition).
  10. Don’t point fireworks at people (and keep a 10 degree angle of ascent so nothing falls down on your head).
  11. Don’t light fireworks in your hand (most of us have become quite attached to our fingers).
  12. Fireworks without a base should be partially buried for safest use (at least half the length in sand or earth) and those with a base should be launched from a stable surface.
  13. If a firework doesn’t go off right away then give it at least 30 minutes before collecting it (and don’t try to relight or fix fireworks that don’t go off).
  14. Put used fireworks, sparklers, or related materials in a bucket of water to make sure everything is out when you’re finished.
  15. When you’re finished, do a careful check around to make sure there aren’t any remaining fire hazards.

If you’re in Toronto then check out the city’s Fireworks Safety page¬†for additional guidance. Have a safe summer and a happy Canada Day!