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Rowan’s Law: Does Your Organization have a Concussion Protocol?

As the fall approaches, parents are busy not only preparing their children to return to school; but also organized sports. Organized sports for children and teens are on the rise and they start for children as young as six years old. As a former athlete, I am aware of all the benefits sports can bring to a child.

Preventing Child & Youth Injuries: The Statistics are Shocking

In 1990, 10% of the 51 million deaths worldwide were due to injury.  It is projected that by 2020, this figure will increase to 8.4 million annually, making injury the greatest single cause of loss of healthy years of human life, especially among children and young adults. According to the World Health Organization’s  2008 World…

Ride Sharing & Sexual Assaults: Protections for Women in Ontario

In today’s society, rideshare companies offer an affordable and easy way to get to your destination; but who really is the person behind the wheel driving you or your teenager around? That is a thought that is often overlooked due to the convenience of ordering a driver at a discounted rate at the touch of…