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Baseline testing is an important part of concussion protocol

Alison had a chance to chat with about baseline testing in concussion protocols and how it is effective because it provides third-party independent insight as to whether an athlete is able to return to a sport following a suspected concussion.

“It takes the decision out of the hands of the athlete who — especially in high-performance sports — may be desperate to get back to the game,” says Burrison, founder of Burrison Law. “Baseline testing also takes the decision-making out of the hands of the coach or the organization who might have ulterior motives for wanting an athlete back on the team.”

The recently released national concussion guidelines from the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network recommends baseline testing for Canadian athletes in high-performance sports. This testing involves a combination of neuropsychological and physical tests that are conducted on a non-injured athlete to provide a reference point in case of a future injury…

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